A great mower doesn’t happen overnight.

It begins with one man’s vision of building a machine unmatched in quality, style, and performance.

It’s the result of 30 years of combined engineering, manufacturing, and marketing.   It’s the product born from a passion for motor sports, power sports, and outdoor power equipment. 

Altoz is powered by Central Boiler, a successful outdoor furnace company established in 1984 by Dennis and Terri Brazier.


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Altoz Team

To create a revolutionary mower, Brazier knew he could draw from the expertise and talent already established at Central Boiler.  To complete this vision, he searched across the globe to align an elite team of experts.  This influence is manifested in the performance and design of every Altoz mower.

The Altoz Team

In a large market of competing mower brands, Brazier’s vision was to create a mower that stands apart from the rest.

After years of development, Altoz is born. With a bold, racy design, Altoz mowers not only turn heads, but outperform the competition.   

So, go ahead, ride it proudly and park it where the neighbors can see it.

Bold Engineering
Bold Engineering

With a fundamental goal of being radically different, Altoz mowers are the product of a global team of creative engineers and skilled craftsmen with extensive histories in the automotive and powersports industries.

Exceptional Quality
High Quality

At Altoz, we understand the level of pride you feel with owning a truly well-built mower that provides an unmatched precision cut. We share that pride in the assembling of our products and we are confident that our commitment to providing you with a high-quality mower featuring industry-leading design and premium performance will leave a lasting impression.

High Performance
High Performance

Whether you're mowing your yard or entire neighborhoods of yards, Altoz mowers are engineered to perform and rise to every demand.

Altoz Headquarters - Greenbush, MN


Greenbush, Minnesota
        More than 250 Employees
        300,000 sq ft  manufacturing facility

Media Kit

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