July 17, 2018 | ALTOZ

Altoz Expands Popular TRX Line with Two New Models

GREENBUSH, Minn. (July 17, 2018) – Altoz, manufacturer of high-performance zero-turn (ZTR) mowers and the industry's first tracked ZTR, is thrilled to announce the early introduction of two new 2019 TRX models for this Fall. Like the original TRX 660, the TRX 561 and TRX 354 provide patent-pending technology for use on sloped, wet and untamed terrain and will power through the harshest conditions.

The TRX 354 was created with the multi-acre homeowner in mind; while the TRX 561 is perfect for tackling the challenges faced by lawn care professionals. Equipped with rear-mounted tracks and rear torsional suspension, the new TRX models help landowners and professionals maintain property that simply could not be efficiently or safely cut with a traditional zero-turn mower.

“The amount of interest Altoz received with the original TRX launch in 2016 was incredible,” commented Dennis Brazier, Altoz CEO/Owner. “The concept of a tracked zero-turn mower resonated with so many people across the country that we wanted to expand the line and offer different size and price point options.”

All TRX models feature Altoz’s patent-pending track system that provides maximum traction and stability with minimal ground disturbance when turning, resulting in significantly better traction, low ground pressure and minimal earth compaction. The TRX 354 and TRX 561 feature a finish cut Aero Deck with adjustable baffles and multiple blade options, 12-way adjustable suspension seat with lumbar support and adjustable arm rests, new engines, graphics/paint combination. The redesigned track drive sprocket has also been painted iconic red for even more eye-catching appeal.

Accessories for these models include collections systems, chute shutoff, lawn striping kit, receiver and standard hitch, mulch kit, discharge cover, mulch and lighting kits. Independent front suspension is an accessory for the TRX 354 and a power deck lift kit is available for the TRX 561.

The new models also have a lower price point than the current TRX models and start at $12,999 MSRP.

TRX 354 Design Features

TRX 354

  • Kawasaki® FX 27 hp Engine
  • Rear Torsion Suspension
  • 54” Finish Cut Aero Deck System with Adjustable Baffles
  • Height-of-Cut/Increment: 2.25 to 5.0 inch /.25 inch increments
  • Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400 Transmission
  • 11-inch Wide Track
  • Flat-Free Tires
  • 10-Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • 12-Way Adjustable High-Back Seat with Suspension
  • 200 ft-lb Clutch
  • Accessories: collection system, discharge cover, lawn striping kit, light kit, mulch kit, rear receiver hitch, standard hitch, independent front suspension, cutting blade option

    TRX 561 Design Features

    TRX 561

    • Kawasaki® FX 31 hp Engine
    • TorqFlex™ Front Suspension and Rear Torsional Suspension
    • 61” finish cut Aero Deck System with Adjustable Baffles
    • Height-of-Cut/Increment: 2.5 to 6.0 inch /.25 inch increments
    • Hydro-Gear® ZT-4400 Transmission
    • 11-inch Wide Track
    • 14-Gallon Fuel Capacity
    • Flat-Free Tires
    • 12-Way Adjustable High-Back Seat with Suspension
    • 250 ft-lb Clutch
    • Accessories: collection system, collection system with dump box, power deck lift, rear deck wheel kit, rear receiver hitch, standard hitch, front receiver hitch, lawn striping kit, discharge cover, light kit, mulch kit, cutting blade options

    About Altoz

    Based in Greenbush, Minnesota, Altoz is an outdoor power equipment company built by an experienced team of engineering specialists, turf-industry professionals and powersports industry leaders. Altoz is inspired by a passion for excellence in ZTR mowers and dedicated to lawn care enthusiasts who appreciate and expect the finest mowing experience. Find the latest Altoz innovations at: Altoz.com. Media contact: Lori Crabtree 307.690.6427 or Lori@OstromCreative.com.

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